Rynox Shark Stormproof Mobile Mount

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Details of the Rynox Shark Mobile Mount:


Ideal for devices upto 6.2 inch screens (when screen size is measured diagonally)
Internal Dimensions:
Centimetres: Width 10.3 cm X Height 17.5 cm
Inches: Width 4.1 in X Height 6.8 in

Features of the Rynox Shark Mobile Mount:

Stormproof Ingress Protection: Two clip seal ensures protection from water.

360 Degree Rotation: Change the orientation of the case from portrait to landscape mode in seconds.

Easy Installation: Ease to adjust Shark clamp mount with locking mechanism facilitating quick mounting and release.

Shock Resistant: Peripheral air channel assists in reducing shocks.

Ease of Use: The case opens and closes with a simple twist of 2 levers. Strategically placed specialised clear screen allows easy operation of touchscreens.

Weatherproof: The enclosed pouch ensure your phone is protected from the Elements.

High Frequency Welding: Use of high frequency welding ensures a super strong bond along all the seams.

Sturdy Construction: High grade anti-slide Shark grip ensures zero displacement of the case.

Disclaimer: We will not be liable for any loss of personal belongings caused due to incorrect mounting, falls, accidents, fire, theft, etc. Please make sure the device is mounted properly to ensure the best usability of this product. For any questions or mounting instructions please get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.

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