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Features of the Lone Ranger gloves:

  • A light weight textile and leather construction.
  • HiPora membrane to make the gloves water proof.
  • Velcro closure at cuffs.
  • Reinforced palms.
  • Index finger and Thumb for ease of mobile usage without removing gloves.
  • Clear vision wipers on the index finger of the left hand for quick and easy removal of water and mud drops on the visor.
  • Comfort lining.
  • Rubber insertion on the palm.
  • Pre-curved finger structure for better fit.
  • Anti-slip mechanism on palm.

*Please note: Waterproofing of the gloves is to a certain level of exposure to water.

*The actual product look / branding may slightly differ compared to the ones in the product photo. Please contact us for actual photos before placing your order.

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