We crashed and learnt that the relation between motorcycles and safety / riding gear is the same that forms the concept of a happy family.

They should always be there for each other!

Providing you with a wide selection of quality riding gear and accessories is what we do. Our collection is purely based on user feedback and our years of experience on and off the road.

OPEN ROAD is an idea that came along to help educate bikers about basic safety on the road, its importance and making it available to suit your needs and budget!

Gagan Singh (Owner)

The life of Open Road and master of his trade, Gagan strives to provide you with the best shopping experience. His years of experience in different occupations adds great value to our store.

Having trouble making a purchase or confused about what to buy? Get in touch.

JP Singh (Owner)

With countless miles on his sore saddle,

JP is the foundation of Open Road. With his extensive travelling, networking and marketing expertise, you get all the useful and valuable first hand information, be it products or tours.

Need expert advice on products to suit your kind of travel and vice versa? Get in touch.